The Seeley Lake Community Foundation’s Change Your Pace Challenge is both a campaign for community-wide giving and a one-day event celebrating the people and organizations that make our community great!

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You can also download the 2018 CYP Challenge brochure and fill out the Donor Form portion. Mail it, along with your check, to the Seeley Lake Community Foundation.

Thank you for supporting the hard-working organizations that support our community!

All donations must be received by August 3rd, 2018 at 5pm to qualify for matching funds.

A big thank you to our Match Fund Challengers: 

 About the Change Your Pace Challenge

On May 24th, the Seeley Lake Community Foundation’s third-annual flagship community fundraising event began! We’ll help 18 local organizations raise money for important projects during this ten-week fundraising challenge. By contributing matching funds, the Seeley Lake Community Foundation will grow the impact of the donations each organization receives. We’re excited to encourage community philanthropy and increase support for all the great work our local groups are doing.

The 2018 Change your Pace Challenge fundraising period is from 9am on Thursday May 24th, 2018 until 5pm on Friday August 3rd, 2018.

During this ten-week fundraising period, the Challenger Match Fund motivates community members to give to their favorite participating local nonprofits, knowing that their gifts will be matched by generous philanthropists and businesses, thus increasing the power of their gift.

The Match

The Seeley Lake Community Foundation solicits contributions to our Match Fund from generous businesses and organizations who inspire us all to give. These match funds increase the size of your gift to your favorite organizations!

You can also join these extraordinary Challengers by giving to the Match Fund, and your gift will help all participating organizations.

Together we’ll support these hard-working organizations that in turn support our community!

The Celebration

The inaugural Seeley Lake CELEBRATES! will be held Sunday, August 26th. This fun, end-of-summer community event will be a celebration of how much we’ve accomplished together through the Change Your Pace Challenge, as well as an opportunity for local organizations to thank their volunteers and supporters. This event will honor the Seeley Lake community spirit of philanthropy and volunteerism with family-friendly activities hosted by participating organizations.  Come meet the people in the organizations working to make your town great! Check back here often for updated information on this first-ever event.           

Participating Organizations

Alpine Artisans

We promote and preserve the arts in western Montana. Funds will support our 2 Valleys Stage program, which brings high-caliber performing arts talent to our underserved community.  


Big Blackfoot Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Our goal is to restore and conserve the coldwater fishery of the Big Blackfoot River and its tributaries.


Blackfoot Challenge

We work to conserve the natural resources and rural way of life in the Blackfoot watershed. Funds will support our partnerships in land and water stewardship, and wildlife and vegetation management.


Camp Utmost

Funds will repair and build new elements of our Challenge Course, which will be available for use by community groups.


Seeley Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

Donations will be used to provide a community 4th of July fireworks show and parade for all to enjoy!


Destinations for Education

These donations will establish a scholarship fund to help students pay for a trip abroad in 2020. This is one of the few cultural enrichment opportunities high school students in our rural community have.


Driftriders Snowmobile Club

We maintain an extensive, high-quality snowmobile trail system in the Seeley-Swan Valley. Funds will go towards trail grooming for winter recreational usage.


Loving Hearts Thrift Store

Our store proceeds get distributed to help with community needs. These funds will help update and renovate our buildings after severe snowloads.


Seeley Lake Community Foundation

We strengthen and enrich the community through engaged philanthropy and leadership. Funds will support our small grants program for: art & culture, education, community development, basic human needs, and natural resources & conservation.


Seeley Lake Elementary Outdoor Leadership Project

This project expands opportunities for students grades 3-8 to learn directly from the natural world. Funds will offset the cost of equipment, camping fees, food, and transportation for each class outdoor leadership trip.


Seeley Lake Firefighter Foundation

Our goal is to educate and involve the community in our EMS/fire services and volunteer opportunities. We provide scholarships, donate smoke detectors, and host community movie nights.


Seeley Lake Lions Club

We empower volunteers to meet humanitarian needs. Funds will provide services including: eyeglasses, holiday food baskets, and firewood for those in need; an annual Easter egg hunt and children's ice skating party.


Seeley Lake ROCKS

Funds will enhance XC skiing opportunities and mountain bike trails to help local residents and visitors enjoy the outdoor recreation in this valley.


Seeley Lake Senior Center (Sela Senci – Think Young)

We provide nutritious meals to seniors and disabled residents in the Seeley Lake area. Funds will upgrade our sound system and help with operation costs for our center.


Sparrow's Vine

We're committed to assisting women carry to term by providing emotional support and practical assistance. Funds will stock our baby boutique, update curriculum, and help begin our teen outreach program.


Sullivan Memorial Community Hall

We provide a place for the community of Seeley Lake to gather. Funds will help install a digital sign reader, pave the parking lot, install a park lawn, replace roofing, and renovate kitchen.


Upper Swan Valley Historical Society

We preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the Swan Valley. Funds raised will provide exhibits, activities, and events for people of all ages to learn about and enjoy our local history.


Veterans & Families of Seeley Lake

Our goal is to increase the quality of life for our veterans locally and overseas. Funds raised will send care packages to soldiers overseas, upkeep the Memorial Garden Park, and help rebuild a local veteran's porch.