Seeley Lake Community Foundation supports annual grant and scholarship programs. The Foundation will consider grant requests from tax exempt organizations in five interest areas.

  • Education
  • Arts & Culture
  • Community/Economic Development
  • Natural Resources and Conservation
  • Basic Human Needs

In 2016 the Seeley Lake Community Foundation supported

  • Completion of a community based forest model study intended to help inform long term outcomes for the Clearwater Blackfoot Project land west of Seeley Lake.
  • Expand and enhance advanced publicity for the Norman Maclean Festival 2017
  • Support for a Community Resiliency Model enhancing the current model for Seeley Lake Elementary students to develop new skills to self regulate.
  •  Batteries for community smoke alarms distributed by the Seeley Lake Rural Fire Department
  • Improvements to Sullivan Memorial Hall enhancing the facility for broad community use.
  • Preserving our cultural Resources by saving and moving a 100 year old log building.
  • Provide funding for a mobile educational parenting/pregnancy unit .

Applicants for funding must be tax exempt under the provisions of Section 501c (3) of the Internal Revenue Code or publicly owned tax-exempt organizations. Tax-exempt status must exist at time of application.

Click on the following links to download the grant program guidelines and application forms (PDF format).