Carla Schade is retired and living in Seeley Lake, Montana after many years of expat residency overseas. A Montana Hi -Line native and an Economics graduate of Montana State University, she spent most of the next few years in Montana and Colorado in the hospitality trade with gaps that were focused on alpine skiing. The next 10 years were wrapped up in both the insurance and real estate industries in Missouri, Arizona and Texas. Her husband’s career led to homes in London, Japan, Malaysia, South Africa and Qatar. In those exotic places, teaching English as a Second Language became her passion and led to many travel adventures and international friendships. Carla currently enjoys her mountain home in the Crown of the Continent, volunteering in her community and making valiant attempts at high altitude gardening. She is determined to grow tomatoes and currently working on an ever-changing deer resistant plant list.

Angela Harris

Seeley Lake’s natural beauty and endless recreational opportunities became the home to Angela and her family in 2011.   Angela’s investment in this community as a homeowner and parent encourages her passion to enhance the school’s climate as well as provide healthy opportunities and resources for families. Angela is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 14 years of experience working with youth and families. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from San Diego State University and a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Montana. Angela has worked in a variety of settings including child welfare, non-profit organizations, mental health and schools. Angela is a Lead Evaluator for AdvancED, an accreditation organization for schools. She has advanced training in mental health, community collaboration and program coordination/assessment. Angela is a co-creator/presenter of PIECES framework, a comprehensive model of success for organizations.

Jessica Kimmel

Jessica has always said that she, one day, wanted to retire in Montana. As luck would have it, she made it here early enough to enjoy all the beauty and adventure this great state has to offer. She believes it takes a community to build a healthy community, raise kids and grow economically. Her grandpa was the Game Warden for the Salt Lake City Area and Wasatch Mountain Range, so naturally fishing, hunting and hiking were a huge part of who the family was, as well as keeping the forests clean and well preserved; following the laws of the land and making sure we preserve it for generations to come is deeply instilled in who Jessica is. Ethics, tradition and heritage are often brought into discussion when working hard, playing hard and being in the great outdoors. Jessica moved to Seeley Lake in 2005 with her husband and son to one day take over the family business, the Tamaracks Resort. Jessica has a love of family and adventure, water and mountains, all four seasons, wildlife and photography.

A. Lee Boman, Secretary

Lee has enjoyed success in both business and community Service. After living in five states, he appreciates the Montana lifestyle with greater intensity than many. In business he excelled at developing teams that exceeded expectations for sales and profits. Marketing occupied a good portion of his business career where he set new benchmarks for the effectiveness of advertising. Lee was named Rotarian of the Year and United Way Volunteer of the Year. He has served as President of Blue Mountain Council, Boy Scouts of America and Chair of Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce. Lee serves as President of Seeley Lake ROCKS!, the organization expanding healthy outdoor exercise opportunities, and is on the State Council of the Montana Wilderness Association. He and his wife Judy have four adult children, a cat named Tut, and a dog named “M,” M for MONTANA!

                                                            Bob Thorne
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 Bob Thorne is originally from Ohio and has lived in numerous states across our great country.
He has been a homeowner in Seeley Lake since 1995 and a full time resident since 2011. Bob is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the USMCR and also a retired Captain at Delta Air Lines. While at Delta Air Lines he was a Trustee and Chairman of Delta Pilots Mutual Aid, a non-profit organization to assist disabled pilots. Bob was a member and the Administrator of Creekside
Christian Fellowship in Park City, Utah. Presently actively involved with the Seeley Lake Airport by promoting, maintaining and improving the airport. He is a Board member on the Seeley Lake Aviation Foundation. Bob enjoys building and flying airplanes, fishing, traveling and hiking. Bob is a single father to two wonderful young sons, Bobby and Blake.

                                Emily Rindal

Emily has had the privilege of growing up in many different places in Montana, including Havre, Shelby, Bozeman, and Kalispell.  At a young age her father instilled in her the importance of community and giving back to the community while her mother simultaneously instilled a great appreciation of the natural world, making Seeley Lake the perfect place to land.  She received her Bachelors of Science in Wildlife Biology from the University of Montana, where she became interested in insects and worked on mountain pine beetle studies. She started the Emily Rindal Insurance Agency under Farmers Insurance and moved the agency to Seeley Lake in 2010.  She has served on the Board of Directors for the Seeley Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, and has been involved in the Seeley Lake Nordic Challenge Steering Committee, Seeley Lake Branding Committee and the Seeley Lake Lion’s Club.  Emily finds her peace and energy in nature, and enjoys reading, beekeeping, learning, laughing, hiking and running with her best friend Kiva the Australian Shepherd.

Mark is a Montana native and a full-time resident of Seeley Lake since 1990, and part-time since 1957.  The graduate of the University of Montana holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and minor in photography. As an active member of the community, Mark was a founding member of the Seeley Lake Community Foundation, chair of the local school board and has served on the Historical Society board and various homeowners associations. Mark is President of Lake Country Builders, Inc. and has been a builder in Seeley Lake since 1978.  Prior to his full-time residency in Seeley Lake, Mark was in the ski business for 25 years, the last ten as the head of ski schools in Colorado and Montana. A single father of two girls, ages 21 and 27, Mark can be found chasing them down ski slopes, hiking, biking and playing bluegrass guitar.

Kevin Wetherell, Vice President

Kevin, a fifth generation Montanan and real estate broker with an entrepreneurial spirit, co- founded Clearwater Montana Properties in Seeley Lake in 1994. He now manages 31 real estate offices across Montana and Idaho. He co-founded, a statewide real estate listing portal and a worldwide real estate marketing service. He is proud to be a financial and volunteer supporter of organizations in Seeley Lake and across Montana. He is a supporter of land conservation and respects the traditional uses of ranches and farms. He has led thousands of acres of land to conservation easements, protecting Montana’s ranches and wildlife habitat. He has served on many boards and organizations in Seeley Lake and has served asPresident of the Seeley Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, Seeley Lake YMCA, Seeley Lake Community Council andcurrently serves as a board member of the Seeley Lake Community Foundation. His daughter Ashlee, was raised in Montana and now works in marketing. Kevin enjoys fly fishing, downhill skiing, elk hunting and anything outdoors.

Klaus von Stutterheim

Klaus, originally from Berlin, Germany, spent 47 years in New York City working in the securities industry as a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Columbia University in New York.  Klaus was involved in political and community activities, founding a political organization which was instrumental in bringing about important political reforms in Manhattan. He has spent his summers in Seeley Lake since 1992, and retired here in 2012.  Klaus serves on the Seeley Lake Community Council.  He brings expertise in finance and community organization to the Foundation, as well as bounding enthusiasm to contribute to what he thinks is one of the great places on earth. When not attending Foundation Board meetings Klaus’ other favorite pastime is riding his Tennessee Walker horses into the Montana mountains.

Chris Stout

Chris is currently a public school superintendent in Seeley Lake, Montana. He also works as a consultant/acting administrator for two additional school districts and as an advisor for another public school in Northwest, Montana. Chris manages/budgets approximately three million dollars per year including several hundred thousand dollars in grant monies. Currently he serves as the chair of the Missoula Area Education Cooperative which serves 16 school districts.Chris has a Bachelor of Arts, a Masters and is nearing completion of a Doctoral degree. He also serves as the chair of the Seeley Lake Community Council, board member for Seeley Lake Rocks and a member of the Seeley Lake Community Foundation. Chris enjoys being outside with his family and has traveled to over 45 countries on five continents.

Scott Kennedy, Treasurer

Scott grew up with rockets and surfing where he was rated in the Top Ten on the east coast. In the early years, Scott worked at NASA, at Kennedy Space Center, Florida. This encompassed duties on the Space Shuttle Processing Team in design engineering, which obtained numerous achievement awards. Later Scott moved to Tennessee and pursued life as a successful Real Estate Broker and subsequently building his own resort. In 1995, Scott moved to Seeley Lake where he works as a Real Estate Broker. Scott has volunteered his time and has contributed financially to many local organizations. He has served over 30 years as Chief Officer in Fire, Rescue, and as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) or EMS provider. Scott first graduated and obtained his EMT licensure in 1980 and subsequently obtaining a level 3 State Firefighter designation. In addition Scott has been President, Chief, Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief and Director of various fire departments. In addition Scott serves on the Board of Trustees for the Seeley Lake Rural Fire District, either as Chairman or Vice Chairman for almost 10 years. Scott currently serves on the Seeley Lake Community Foundation as a Director. Scott also has served for about 12 years on the ACC committee for the Double Arrow Ranch and is a Life Member of the Masonic Lodge and a Gold Level Habitat Partner with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. In his leisure time, you will find Scott yachting in the Pacific Northwest, snowmobiling or fly fishing.

Anne Beach, Executive Director

Anne is a Montana native but lived in Colorado until her July 2014 move to Seeley Lake, Montana. She has spent the past decade working in non-profit organizations focused on the arts and music. Anne enjoys participating in local community activities and is a committee member of Alpine Artisans 2Valleys Stage. Anne’s prior community involvement includes Big Brother’s Big Sisters, Kiwanis and a victim’s assistance board. Anne raised three athletes in Durango, Colorado and recognizes the benefit of good coaches and mentors. Her approach to life includes a sense of humor, a focus on the positive, and a desire to connect and make a difference. Anne loves communing with nature through hiking, skiing, snowshoeing and camping and enjoys reading, refinishing furniture and crafting.