Seeley Lake Community Foundation plays a unique role in this small powerhouse community. In a town without a consolidated government, the Foundation has evolved as a clearinghouse for knowledge of community needs and opportunities, as a hub for charitable giving and a mechanism for savvy, collaborative solutions to local issues.

The SLCF is dedicated to improving the well being of the residents of Seeley Lake, Montana. Your support of the Foundation helps ensure the vitality of this community for future generations.



The Seeley Lake Community Foundation engages philanthropy, provides leadership, and enhances the quality of life and economic vitality of the Seeley Lake area.


These three values define our promise to the Seeley Lake community:

Collaboration and Cooperation
We appreciate the power of partnerships with organizations and individuals to create solutions that improve our community.

We seek to provide leadership in our community by developing innovative approaches to solving community issues and by encouraging other groups to support our efforts.

We will always carry out our mission with honesty, transparency and integrity.  We will protect donor intent and identity and always treat applicants and recipients with respect.


In 1999, Seeley Lake had no city council, no mayor, not even a stoplight. But it had vision.
Then, like today, Seeley Lake was a beautiful setting, but not an easy place to work and raise a family.  Tourism business was seasonal. The local timber industry seemed tenuous.  Workers needed homes they could afford. Obsolete wood stoves many used to heat their homes left an unhealthy pall in the air. Kids lacked outlets for their energy and free time.
 A handful of community leaders came together, believing their community could rally and do more. Those six included three local small business owners, an economist, a teacher and the manager of the sawmill. Their idea was both simple and audacious: create a community foundation that would attract and invest funds in improving the quality of life in Seeley Lake, Mont.  Stan and Colleen Nicholson wrote the first donation: $250. Since then, it has built an endowment over $450,000 and has issued almost $900,000 in grants.
The Seeley Lake Community Foundation does not give away money: it invests it.* It keeps the schools modern; it helped families upgrade their wood stoves for free; it helped build the community playground, strengthen the local museum and create the World Cup Nordic Ski Trail System. In the years since that first meeting, Seeley Lake Community Foundation has brought people together for a very special place they call home: Seeley Lake.

The Foundation’s bylaws serve as the guiding document. The Foundation has established policies to ensure federal requirements for governing a charitable non-profit organization, including a conflict of interest policy are met.