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Change Your Pace Challenge: June 14 - July 26

The Seeley Lake Community Foundation’s Change Your Pace Challenge is a campaign for community-wide giving, celebrating the people and organizations that make our community great. During this six-week fundraising period, the Change Your Pace Challenge motivates community members to give to their favorite participating local nonprofits, knowing the impact of their gift will grow thanks to the generous businesses and individuals that give to the CYP Match Fund. All donations go through SLCF, allowing donors to support as many organizations as they wish, using one donation form.

Download the 2019 Change Your Pace Challenge donation brochure here. You can print and mail the form, contributing to your favorite local groups with one check. Or, scroll down to donate online with a debit or credit card!

*Please note: Unfortunately, if donating online, you’ll have to contribute to each organization separately. Sorry for the inconvenience!

This is the 4th annual Change Your Pace Challenge, with fourteen local organizations raising money for important projects through the CYP Challenge this year! Since 2016, over $258,000 in support for Seeley Lake area organizations have come in through our annual Change Your Pace Challenge. Let’s make 2019 another smashing success!

The Match Fund

The Seeley Lake Community Foundation solicits contributions to our CYP Match Fund from generous businesses and organizations who inspire us all to give. These match funds increase the size of your gift to your favorite organizations! You can also join these extraordinary Challengers by giving to the Match Fund, and your gift will help all participating organizations.

After the donation period closes, we'll tally up each organization's totals, and calculate the match percentage based on how big our Match Fund grows. SLCF will present the funds earned through the Change Your Pace Challenge to the participating organizations at the SLCF banquet at Double Arrow Lodge on August 11th.

Together let’s support these hard-working organizations that in turn support our community!

Donate to the 2019 Change Your Pace Match Fund here!

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2019 CYP Match Fund Headlining Sponsors

Thank you to energy partners for being a headlining sponsor of the 2019 change your pace challenge match fund!

Thank you to energy partners for being a headlining sponsor of the 2019 change your pace challenge match fund!

Thank you to lake country builders for contributing to the 2019 cyp match fund

Thank you to lake country builders for contributing to the 2019 cyp match fund

Thank you to MEC for contributing to the 2019 cyp match fund!

Thank you to MEC for contributing to the 2019 cyp match fund!

2019 Change Your Pace Challenge Rules and Procedures for participating organizations

2019 Participating Change Your Pace Challenge organizations

Alpine Artisans

We promote and preserve the arts in western Montana.  Funds will support our Open Book Club and our 2 Valley Stage program, which brings high-caliber performing arts talent to our schools and the community. 

Blackfoot Challenge

We work to conserve the natural resources and rural way of life in the Blackfoot watershed. Funds will help us coordinate private-public partnerships focused on forestry, land stewardship, water conservation, wildlife, vegetation management, and education.

Clearwater Resource Council

We engage the community and facilitate efforts that enhance, conserve, sustain, and protect the natural resources of the Clearwater Watershed for present and future generations. Funds will help us provide presentations and workshops, enhance lake stewardship, and promote hazardous fuels mitigation.


Seeley Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

Donations will be used to provide a community parade and 4th of July fireworks show for all to enjoy!


SSHS Destinations for Education

These donations will help high school students go on a service-learning trip to a foreign country. This program helps young travelers gain confidence, develop cultural understanding and appreciation, and return to their community with a better perspective of their world.


Seeley Lake Community Foundation

We strengthen and enrich the community through engaged philanthropy and leadership.  Funds will help us transition our new community building into a space that houses important community services.

Seeley Lake Elementary Community Park

Funds will be used to repair and maintain recreational equipment on the SLE campus / Community Park as well as begin the development of new park features such as an interactive interpretive trail, shade trees, and picnic areas.


Seeley Lake Historical Museum and Visitor’s Center

We preserve and promote the cultural heritage of our area.  Funds will facilitate improvements that will expand our Center's services to our visitors, thus enhancing their historical and cultural experience of our valley and community.

Seeley Lake ROCKS

We support projects that enhance the outdoor recreation in this valley. Funds will be used to improve the ice rink, build 12-miles of multi-use trails, and maintain the yurt for the kids ski program. 


Seeley Lake Senior Center (Sela Senci) 

We provide nutritious meals to seniors and disabled residents in the Seeley Lake area. Funds will be used to make commercial upgrades to appliances and the ventilation system in the 26 year old kitchen in the Senior Center.


Sparrow's Vine

We’re committed to assisting women carry to term by providing emotional support and practical assistance. Funds will be used for educational programs including abstinence and boutique items on hand when clients have needs and have earned them by taking parenting classes.


Swan Valley Connections

We are a collaborative conservation and education nonprofit. Our goal is to connect people to one another and this extraordinary landscape. Funds will be used to provide educational programs offering natural resources and natural history experiential learning opportunities for all ages.


Upper Swan Valley Historical Society

We preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the Swan Valley by sharing historic records and artifacts in our museum and hosting educational events. Funds will be used to keep the Swan Valley Museum open and relevant with exhibits, events and educational activities.


Veterans & Families of Seeley Lake

Our goal is to increase the quality of life for our veterans locally and overseas.  Funds will be used to fix a roof that is blocking an exit in a home of a widowed veteran to improve her safety.