The Seeley Lake Community Foundation strives to be a community resource and catalyst for innovative approaches to improving the quality of life in Seeley Lake.  The Foundation provides leadership in encouraging philanthropy within the community and building permanent resources that will contribute to the vitality of this region for years to come.

Leadership program

Seeley Lake Community Foundation has provided leadership for the following projects:

  • Coordinated Forest Management Initiative in partnership with the Clearwater Resource Council.

  • Community Communications Program in cooperation with the Seeley Lake Seeley Lake Community Council and Missoula County

  • Woodstove changeout

  • Seeley Lake Elementary Cross Country Ski Program

  • Playground project

  • Nordic skiing feasibility plan

  • Seeley Lake Rural Fire Hall and Missoula County offices

  • Support for the Seeley Lake Sewer District

  • Community Center beautification

  • Lions Club

  • Seeley Swan High School greenhouse

  • Bob Marshall Music Festival 2016

2016: Community branding

Your support helps us create branding and our new Seeley Lake, Montana slogan ‘Change Your Pace’.  We welcome the community to use all of the logos and slogan to promote the beauty and opportunities in Seeley Lake. 

Please read and adhere to the logo use guidelines.
Here are the color specifications

Here are all the logos you can use!
Seeley Lake Montana
Seeley Lake Montana with Change Your Pace slogan

Black and White Tree logo
Change Your Pace Slogan
White on Black Tree logo


Rice Ridge Fire 2017 Pathfinder bus.jpg

2018: Disasters, mental health, and kids

In the aftermath of the Rice Ridge fire of 2017, SLCF facilitated a grant from The Center for Disaster Philanthropy to support mental health in our elementary school. Children’s brain development can be impacted directly by natural disasters! Learn more about how the our community can learn about brain development in children and minimize the impact of trauma from natural disasters. (photo credit: Pathfinder. This is a picture of how smoky Seeley Lake was for weeks in 2017!)

2019: A New Home

The Seeley Lake Community Foundation is spearheading an exciting new project: creating a community space in the heart of downtown Seeley Lake. In December 2018, SLCF acquired a beautiful 3,700 square-foot log building on a half-acre lot along Highway 83 (the former Deer Country Quilts building). We are in the process of turning the space into a hub for community activities and a centralized location for residents and visitors to access important services.

Our vision for this building is to create an exciting and inspiring local space where nonprofits are united to meet the common economic, social, cultural, and educational needs and aspirations of Seeley Lake, Montana. Come visit!

building front 2019.JPG

2019: Welcome to Seeley Lake sign for the Barn

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this project has come to a close. In the lead up to construction and installation of the new Welcome Sign this spring, it became apparent that it would not be feasible to put the sign where it was planned in the time frame allotted for the grant funding.

This impasse was discovered before any funds were expended. The handful of community members who donated to the project were offered refunds, and the grant was returned to the Montana Department of Commerce Tourism Grant Program.

We are so sorry to report this step backwards for Seeley Lake. The good news is that there is hope for a future Welcome Sign at some point, although it would need to be a different design, or at a different location. Please contact SLCF Executive Director Claire Muller with any questions: 406.677.3506

SL Sign drawing.jpg

After years of talks, designs, permits, and coordination, SLCF is excited to help bring a new “Welcome to Seeley Lake” sign to town! The sign will be installed this spring at 'the Barn' at the southern end of the community.

Over the past several years, there have been several efforts to enhance our downtown area. The Seeley Lake Community Council decreased the speed limit through town, SLCF spearheaded a beautification and branding effort adorning lamp posts with attractive banners, and the Chamber of Commerce has been actively promoting events and local businesses. Now, installing a new welcome sign will further highlight this community for travelers driving our beautiful Highway 83 corridor, the informally named ‘Glacier Parkway’. We hope that a new welcome sign, an important introduction to so many small towns, will be a source of community pride, representing our timber history, incorporating native materials, and promoting our friendly, small-town feeling to visitors and residents. Thank you, Kris Gullikson, for the beautiful design.

In January, the Seeley Lake Community Foundation received a grant for $11,365 from the Montana Department of Commerce Tourism Grant Program to help with construction and installation costs for the sign. The 2:1 matching cost reimbursement structure of the grant means that for every item or service purchased as part of the submitted budget, the Montana Department of Commerce will reimburse SLCF for two-thirds of the expense. The total budget submitted was $17,050. SLCF has committed the other $5,694 (one-third of the cost) needed to make this project happen. Donations towards this project are much appreciated!  Checks can be mailed to SLCF, P.O. Box 25, Seeley Lake MT 59868, or you can donate online at

The Montana Department of Transportation permits (graciously grandfathered-in from when this project was initially begun in 2016) stipulate installation by May, weather permitting. Thank you to Mark Williams, of Lake Country Builders, for coordinating construction and installation. Thanks also to Double Arrow Enterprises, for permission to place the sign at the Barn.

Plans for a similar new sign for the north end of town will be embarked upon in the future. We are cognizant of the cost of this project (designed to incur low maintenance costs and age gracefully), and are looking for ways to build and install the sign under budget.

Many Seeley Lake community members have been trying to make this project a reality for years—thank you to everyone who has been involved!