What’s your Seeley Lake legacy? Partner with the Seeley Lake Community Foundation and leave a lasting impact in the community you care about. Please consider a gift through your will or estate plan.  If you already have, please let us know so we can thank you!

“The Burgess family has been in Placid Lake since 1943. The town of Seeley Lake has been our “go to” place for supplies and conviviality since the days of the Merc, Roveros, Freshours and Coyles and we claim it as our second hometown. When the Community Foundation idea was new my husband Jack and I checked it out. We saw the pressing needs in this community. We would encourage others to feel the same.”

— Donna Burgess, Legacy Society Member

The Seeley Legacy Society was created to give current recognition to those individuals who have included the Seeley Lake Community Foundation in their estate plans and provisions.  Involvement in The Seeley Legacy Society gives you the opportunity to share with others, like yourself, who care about leaving a legacy to protect and strengthen our community.  Your gift can remain anonymous or you can become an acting member of The Legacy Society and become an inspiration for others who would like to look towards the future and how they too can have an enduring impact on our community.  Examples of ways you can plan your gift to the Foundation:

  • Bequest by will

  • Charitable trust

  • Beneficiary designation

  • Charitable gift annuity

  • Private foundation alternatives

If you would like more information, please contact one of our board members to discuss your interest in making a planned gift to the Seeley Lake Community Foundation

New legacy society member Emily Rindal! Thank you, Emily, for your contribution to Seeley lake's future

New legacy society member Emily Rindal! Thank you, Emily, for your contribution to Seeley lake's future

The Donor Advised Grant program allows philanthropically-minded individuals, families, or organizations to establish donor-advised funds, providing a means for giving to the community issues and causes you care about most. A donor-advised fund is tax-deductible in the year in which it was made, and additional contributions can be made at a later date. Donor-advised funds are maintained in a separate account and the Foundation takes care of all investing, bookkeeping, and reporting for you. The donor can recommend disbursements at any time to a qualified charity of their choice. Please contact us if you are interested in establishing a Donor Advised Grant program for the charity of your choice.